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Primavera Sound 2005, thursday 26th - When you close your eyes: LIES!!

A monumental queue. That’s the first sight for anyone arriving around 10 PM to the Forum fairground, before entering to Primavera Sound Festival 2005. It’s not difficult to guess the thoughts of all the people standing there: after the disastrous organization of last year’s entrance, finding a similar situation makes you think that man and donkey are the only animal to stumble twice with the same stone.

Anyhow, we must be fair: that queue ran in an unprecedent speed. And, for the rest, the queue was one of the few mistakes of an organization that has built a strong festival that stands out among its competitors due to the incredible quality of the selection, and also due to an ambient full of healthy enjoy. That ambient has a resemblance with the firsts FIB’s, when Benicassim wasn’t a massive and commercial festival.

However, in that queue, waiting to the ticket that would bring us into the fairground, was impossible to know about the tons of fun and emotions that the festival would give us. But, at the same moment as we cross the entrance to access the fairground, the soft sea breeze touched our faces, bringig some suspections about the unforgettable moments we were about to live. Fortunately, sea breeze never lies…

MAXÏMO PARK – “I wrote my feelings down in a rush… I didn’t even check the spelling”

The measured chords on the first song where enough to suspect that the band didn’t want to get out of the strict parameters marked by what can be heard on their album: a millimetric replica whit no space for the improvisation… ¿but who has said that a show of that kind cannot be enjoyed completely?

Maybe someone can think that a great gig is the one that sourprises you with an exclusive show. That’s not my case. It’s true that originality is always wellcome, but it’s also true that I’ve always thought that, with such a world as ours, with no fun, no emotion, a gig giving you dizzy amounts of fun its enough to feel satisfied.

So, Maxïmo Park guys know perfectly what spectacle is, and they don’t doubt to make up for their lack of live freshness shaping an amazing performance given mainly by the syncopated and schizo movements of Lucas Wooler (keyboard), and above all, Paul Smith (voice), with his Ian Curtis manners and his sexy dances caught in between Jarvis Cocker and the new-wave singers. “Limassol”, “The coast is always changing” and “Postcards of a painting” shone with their own light in a selection that didn’t take long until the whole audience started dancing to their effective hits. However, the main dish it’s still “Apply some pressure”. They know it… and they exploit it.

THE ARCADE FIRE – “I carved your name across my eyelids… you pray for rain… I pray for blindness”

They were ansiouxly expected. Their gig grown a great excitement since the names on the festival were revealed: a lot was written about their spectacular live. I’m not lying if I declare that all that was griten is true. We can summarize it in three words: veni… vidi… vinci.

It’s impossible to describe with words the impressive explossion of vitality and emotion they pass on the audience. It’s something you have to live. At first sight, the most impressive thing was the incredible ammount of instruments upon the stage (guitars, bass, keyboards and drums, but also other instruments less usual as accordion, violins or violoncello). Then, on second sight, audience get fascinated with band members moving around the stage: they were playing, getting fun and spreading to the audience that beautiful joy of living.

Maybe the only black spot were the voices: sometimes they were below the gig quality and on specific moments, the voices were drowned under the colosal melodies. However, The Arcade Fire know how to make up for that little lack of their live. An example of it was the wonderful song “In the back seat”: when it seems like they have finished an apathetic song (not with the original emotional sense), they added the song a new heart-rending section able to make the audience weep as children.

There were an obvious turning point: when playing “Tunnels”, audience get impregnate with star dust. However, The Arcade Fire knew that they could reach higher, exploring new Universe zones. And exactly there was where they took us with an amazing ending mixing “Power out” and “Rebellion (Lies)”. It’s scary to think that this is their first album…

VITALIC – “My friend Dario has a super-mega-car”

It’s not fair to programme Vitalic on thursday closure: his set is planned to explode anything in front of him. His show should have fit on wednesday or satursday closure, but in spite of the weird time for the gig, Mr. Vitalic made the most of the little audience standing in front of his tie. Knowing the repertory was not hended to enjoy the show: it was a show where Vitalic played with audience longing, putting and taking out of our mouths a sweet candy, enjoying his cruelty: songs were mixed and remixed making the audience expect the best. And there’s no doubt he succeed in doing every song more intense than the one before.

When “Le Rock” was placed a lot of jumping heads could be seen among the audience, but there are no words to describe “My friend Dario”’s performance: it was the dancing moment in the whole festival, there’s no doubt of it. Moreover, so little audience allowed people dancing madly, spilling themselves over the wide space.

It’s said that “OK Cowboy” is the album Daft Punk should have released. It’s imposible to know if Vitalic has heard tose rumours, but it was easy to perceive the refined irony when, with no flush at all, he inserted a sampler taken from “Technlogik” (a Daft Punk’s song). Subtle, elegant… but destructive. Just as his show.
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